I was going to come up with something blog-clever like “Summer is hot, sultry and …” something or other, but it’s just a name. I’m bisexual, in my 20s, living in Pakistan and working stuff out. I used to be closeted; now I’m semi-closeted. I used to be afraid; now I’m petrified? Something like that.

“Mera Terrha Pakistan” means “My Crooked or Not-so-straight Pakistan” in Urdu. I’ve set up this blog for two reasons. One: to vent. Two: to see if I can create a safe-ish space where other queer Pakistani women can vent.

to vent: v. to tell stories, blow off steam, get upset, discuss serious issues about the meaning of queer life in Pakistan, talk about sex

Eventually I’d like it to be a collaborative thing. But for now, it’s my blog. If you talk shit, I’ll delete your comment and block you. If you say difficult things, I’ll put them up. All comments will go up unedited, or not at all. If there’s ever an exception, I’ll announce it and I’ll announce why, inshallah.

– Summer


15 thoughts on “Not-So-Straight

  1. hey..

    so there are other paki lesbians actually living in pakistan ! GREAT to know.. thought i was the only one…

    good place uve got here..


    PS – yeah, anonymitys a bitch..

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  3. Hi I’m a gay pakistani male. I’m 22. I came up across your bog through google. I read a couple of your posts and generall its great to see there are queer lgbtq people in Pakistan who are writing about their experiences and being active! really inspiring.

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