Let’s Try This Again

My friend Hadi has been blogging like a fiend recently and he’s been talking about it ad nauseum – how everyone loves his love stories but no one’s so much interested in his intellectual ramblings. Ab kon usko bataye that we all feel that way! :)

So I’m jealous. And I thought, let’s see if we can get back to this blogging thing.

Firstly, thanks everyone for the kind words and concern about my disappearance. I have no been eaten up by the grate monster of Paki homophobia. I’ve just gotten involved in a bunch of stuff and it became difficult, after a time, to figure out what to say. Sometimes there’s so much going on that to write about it is to go through it again and, for a while, there weren’t enough hours in the day.

There’s been some activism – a collection of queers, some research, some strategizing about what to do. Can we have a queer rights agenda in this country? What does it look like – a pride march? – lobbying the state? – community building? It seems that in the past couple of years a few initiatives have sprung up that are dealing with all this stuff. There is Pakistan Queer Movement, and an organization called O – these are LGBT initiatives. Then there is a transgender-based initiative called GIA – Gender Interactive Alliance. It’s interesting to see this sudden awakening. I wonder what caused it – some sociologist would know what kind of critical mass makes these things pop up. Anyway –

Having taken part in some of this gatting togather, I have thoughts. I will now post them.

5 thoughts on “Let’s Try This Again

  1. Jal kukri, zara jo sabar hua ho, meray blog ke popularity kay sath he insecure ho gae, lols. Welcome back yaar, i was really missing your posts and now I expect you to write on every alternate day.

  2. SO glad you’ve started blogging again! I started reading your blog a couple of years ago as a single, very scared but sure of my feelings lesbian and found it to be so helpful, and was able to relate. So thank you for that, and keep it up! : )

  3. dear summer,
    so nice to see you’re blogging again! i enjoy reading your thoughts and about your experiences. please keep it up.
    katunia (who’s not blogging at all…)

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