2 thoughts on “Missing Kids in the US – fyi

  1. hello? are you alright?
    i don’t get the relevance of these articles here.
    or maybe its just me, i’m all for happy happy things but at the same time like a little bit of sadness like pickled carrots and cheesy cucumbers….
    …which reminds me i have to give my red-chilli-pepper a good shake. thank you soooo much.

    in the sense how experiences like these (of children like you & me and every other suffering child) have a major role in the mental, spiritual and sexual growth, and social success is a huge debate in pakistan, highly relevant to what we go through in our queer lives to become invincible socialist bitches ;)…take it easy babe.

  2. Hey. Sorry to go through a comment, but that was the best I could come up with. I’m a queer women living in Lahore temporarily and frankly, the 100% closeted thing is getting pretty tedious. (I’m out at home in California.) It would be great to spend any time talking to a fellow queer person. Any chance we could email or maybe meet up for chai sometime?

    I enjoy reading your blog. If it’s OK, you can email me at [hidden] or check out my blog at http://www.5riversdiary.blogspot.com

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