What’s Your Damage? – Open thread

Insert whine here. Whine about whatever. Tell me how it’s going with you. I’m not going to fix it or anything. Just, you know, talk.


7 thoughts on “What’s Your Damage? – Open thread

  1. Well.. i reached your blog accidently lol. But it was interesting. I m not gay …..have never been one either. But i respect your thought. cuz i believe denying what we feel …what we want … any emotion , desire ..denying any such thing is like denying the very reason that makes us human.
    Hope we talk someday :)

  2. Dear summer. Hello. I’ve been reading your blog 4 a while now & feel you’re doing a great, brave job telling people abt the joys, pains & the difficulties of being queer and managing relationships, you have guts woman and i envy you for writing it so well. i really wish i could write like that coz i don’t know how to say what my problems are except when i’m broke. i wish i cud be happier wid a companion, 100% alone & no problem thank God & money. as 4 ur aloneness, maybe u need a break,so, take it good :-)

  3. lol, now why am i not surprised! oh my God, cheapster!! time and energy waster!!! what the f**k were you thinking?!!!

    okay, what were you saying, yeah, denying? denying my ass! no denials, promise. i’m not gay either i swear upon my holy cunt. i’m not, which is freaky and scary and icky but true…and feels good actually coz i gots the hots for a lotta peacocks…i’m not sure if i’m bisexual coz i’m very shy around women and really can’t look at them properly when i’m talkng to them..that doens’t make me gay now, does it? i mean, bisexual. just look at what you did!! you got me all me all confused again. oh God, oh God, i really can’t believe what you said!!! no, no, in a good way. would love to talk to you! :)

  4. Oh dear! Do I dare open that can of worms .. :x

    What to rant on ..hmm my homosexuality? Wanting a b/f but not really wanting one : is it because I’m unlovable or because I push away the one guy who’s mental enough to actually like me because I dont find him attractive at all or the fact that the guy I do like doesn’t give a toss about me..
    financial worries? Personal educational crises? the bloody socio-economical-political mess that is Pakistan and its impending impact on all our lives or the f*cking inflation?? :D

    We’ve all got overflowing closets, misplaced items and heavy burdens on our shoulders…

    Guess its the one thing that we all share…that make us the same, but far too many people around us would rather highlight the differences that set us apart, rather than the things we have in common ..

  5. whine, or rather kvetch: I am procrastinating like whoa again, probably already missed this application deadline and will kick myself forever for it, cuz I like suck and stuff.

    I’m totally, totally out of shape, and it’s probably wreaking havoc on my innards as well as my outards. low energy, creaky back, unpleasant digestion, etc. etc. etc.

    Where the hell does dust come from? And why is there so much of it?

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