…can fuck off. I say this with all the love and compassion I can muster in my little queer heart. Ex-gays can fuck off.

I have no problem with ex-gay folks who are just, you know, not gay anymore, for whatever reason. I have no problem (okay, no huge problem) with religious folks who decide that since the Qur’an does not condone homosexuality, they must live celibate or straight lives. It upsets me, I think it’s foolish in a very this-world-is-going-to-suck-for-you-and-those-around-you sense. But to everyone their own religion and their own sexual preferences – who the hell am I?

BUT! – Those folks who think that since they are no ex-gay, have found the light, the rainbow, the pot, the gold, the whatever, they must come over to my world/life/blog/mobile phone/dinner party and tell me all the fuck about it? Those people can fuck off and take my dildo with them for assistance. Proselytizing about the merits of celibacy in the eyes of God, about how homosexuality is a test like so many tests Allah gives us (other tests you can pass, dumbass!) and about how, particularly, you are ruining your family and friends by being gay – these are things that I have no time for, no room for, no empathy for (and I’m full of fuckin empathy) and many bad bad words for.

I don’t go around proselytizing queerness or saying that everyone should be gay or that everyone should be lesbian except the men, who should be shot. I don’t exhort you kindly, dear reader, to see how lovely it is to lick pussy, just try it one time, you’ll like it, it’s like peaches. I don’t talk about how het sex and male penetration of a woman is a violation, inherently violent and oppressive, and you should realize every time you fuck your husband, girlie, that you’re bringing the sisterhood down.

Live your own damn life, and fuck off of mine.

This has been a reaction to several people saying shit, people privately directing me to ex-gay blogs recently and a general knowledge of gaymuslims dot org, which I don’t link to because they don’t bloody deserve a hat-tip. Got a crow-bar and a mean temper, though…

Okay, not really. I’m really short. I can’t take anyone. Bye.

8 thoughts on “Ex-Gays

  1. You can totally take someone if you sneak up on them. The people over at gaymuslims dot org are a bunch of prats who try to cover their homophobia with waves of “logic” and “rationality”. I regret having ever even mentioned them on my blog.

    Tell everyone who bothers you to fuck off. I’m realising, more and more, that doing such things is immensely beneficial to the spirit.

  2. how lovely it is to lick pussy, just try it one time, you’ll like it, it’s like peaches..

    yum yum yum!!!!
    beautiful analogy my love!!

    your lovely

  3. I know what you mean. I’m totally happy for people to think I’m evil, as long as they don’t tell me about it.

    I just looked at that site – I had no idea that ex-gay Muslim groups even existed. The rhetoric is so similar to stuff spouted by ex-gay Christians.

    It would all be kind of funny if they weren’t promising the impossible to a lot of confused and upset people.

  4. uuuuh jeez, i’m sorry. i’m vicariously infuriated for you. i can hardly imagine attempting to remain somewhat civil, calm and collected while enduring such an onslaught… and yet social dictums usually proscribe that we not shove an enormous dildo where the sun don’t shine upon being subjected to such prattle.

  5. “me” beat me to it!

    I don’t exhort you kindly, dear reader, to see how lovely it is to lick pussy, just try it one time, you’ll like it, it’s like peaches.

    For this comment alone, you win the internets–both of them.

  6. like peaches?…rotten peaches maybe?
    dont take me wrong but whenever i think about cunnilingus i think about food, it is only logic, you know : “eat someone?”…and then i remember the endless list of organisms who dwell there (microbiology makes you paranoid), and now you say peaches, …oh well

  7. I’m with you. People are free to live their own lives as they want, even though ex-gays bug me as nothing more than people who live in denial and repression… but don’t bring it into my life. I’m sorry you’ve experienced this, but am glad to see you’re letting though emotions out and not internalizing them into self-hatred.

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