Calling All Desi Queers!

Having spent some time hanging out with the mostly US feministie group, I gotta say – they’re great but have nothing much to do with us. I don’t know who us is – Pakistan, South Asia, Muslim, some combo – but it’s not them. It’s just a different world out here.

So where are you guys? Girls, more specifically, but I’ll take the guys. What are we talking about? What does queer even mean? Does someone have a definition? Because to me it’s more than an alternative sexuality. It’s a lot more.

And there needs to be conversation. There is already conversation in India, I know that. And there’s conversation off the internet, I’ve heard it. But let’s bring it online.

OR if it’s already online, tell me where it is. I’m quite tired of feeling so fucking useless. And I like to talk. Don’t you like to talk?

18 thoughts on “Calling All Desi Queers!

  1. whats the relation between feminists and queers?
    whats queer besides gay?

    im like a 5 year old arent i? whats this whats that?

    love your blog though, oh and i think the greatest concentration of gays (in pakistan) live in trucks(and theyre also pedophiles), hence they probably do not have access to internet.

    are pedophiles also queer? told ya i was like a 5 year old.

    ummm not physically so dont get any ideas!

  2. hi. :) just happened on your from america, is it appropriate for me to comment etc? i think its so neat to explore a blog on GLBT issues from another country. :)

    just wanted to check,

  3. I stumbled across your blog a few months ago, and then lost the link. I’m so glad to find it again, just as I’m trying to open up a space to write about sexuality, feminism and culture, and you’re asking this! Would you mind if I added a link to your site on mine? And yes, please, let’s have this conversation.

  4. omg how did i miss your blog all this time??? ‘Terrha Pakistan’? that’s fucking fantastic!!!

    well, I feel like I have something to say about being queer. it’s about not putting yourself in an identity box. it’s about realizing that all is a show. it’s about turning heads wherever i go, about not respecting the dinner table don’ts, and getting into angry debates all the time. but it’s more than just about genderfuck – it’s a radically transformative Xperience, and it definitely starts when you’re ‘out’ as a deviant.

  5. How did I not come across your blog earlier? In any case, I’ve been growing increasingly tired of educating everyone around me of what queerness means, and it would be great to have a conversation about queerness that doesn’t start from the prologue and end at the glossary. Or just to hang out with other queers from Lahore (are you (still) in Lahore? You mentioned a group of some sort in one of your posts. I’ve grown up in Lahore and have managed to do so in complete oblivion to any such group. Being antisocial has helped. In any case, I’d be interested to have a conversation with other queers in Lahore and possibly work on queer outreach, especially for young queers.

    • Yup, I’m in Lahore. I would love to get to know you and anyone else you might know. Let’s meet up!

  6. Here’s another one from Lahore.

    First off, to the author of this blog- this place is awesome. I stumbled upon it some time last year, I think, and have since spent a whole lot of time reading and re-reading the posts. Love what and how you write. Have been checking almost regularly in hopes of the blog being updated. Absolutely thrilled that you have started blogging here again.

    Second, I will be in Lahore for the summer. It would be great to be able to meet you and other desi queer folk. The idea of a group of some kind sounds brilliant.

    Cheers. :)

      • so lesbiens have officially taken it up better than the GBT community!
        I’ve been sniffing here and there to find some link to people who I can tell what my i’d rather not dare tell even my best friends *hush hush, I’m gay!**

        Chat rooms I have NO tolerance for, and all though Google solves all the world’s problems, in this particular case the best it gives you are articles from Dawn to the Guardian, each teasing you by revealing that there are people like you all around you and you’re just not aware of it!

        I need to poke your hand to know you really exist! Can I do that sometime soon? pretty please!

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