I’ve been doing the rounds of the feminist blogs a bit lately. And I’m finding them a bit difficult to swallow. The big ones, that is. They are a bit angry. A lot angry, actually. And the blog posts themselves don’t express as much anger as the commenters who visit the blog. So that feminism is this contested territory in which you can be a bad feminist or a good feminist, depending on what you are in favour of (pornography and sex worker rights!) or against (pornography and sex workers!).

The American blogs, anyway. There’s only about five of us desi feminist bloggers, so we just huddle together for warmth (Hey, Ladies! How you doin?) It’s not that I don’t get anything out of these blogs – I do – but a lot of the content is at such a far remove from anything that seems really relevant that, like all foreign hegemonic systems, I wonder if it doesn’t need some sort of counter strategy.

And there’s the bile. The vitriol. That’s just pointless.

I wish there were more desi feminist bloggers though. It’s not like they aren’t out there. And it’s not like they’re too busy fighting off dowry death and shaking their fist at the government. There just isn’t much writing. Or talking. Or expressing interesting things, organic things, that come up from here, from us. It’s all a little hard to swallow.

One thought on “Bile

  1. Hey there — interesting point. I was thinking about this today.

    US feminism is in an awkward point right now where we’re between ‘waves’ and we don’t have a uniting issue that we all consider important enough to devote our time to instead of quibbling with each other over the nuances. The porn vs no porn is a big thing between 2nd and 3rd wave feminists.

    I’m happy that you’re blogging. I wish that there were more queer desi feminists out there. My ex is going back to India soon and I keep trying to cheer her up with thoughts of how she, with her voice, can help make things better for all Indian women. Which alternately makes her cheerful and terrified.

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