She is So Lovely

And last night we talked on the phone for hours. Well, maybe an hour and a half. I felt like such a fucking teenager, it was great!

And so, after spending two days obsessing about the boy, I have abandoned thought of him to obsess about her. Day 2 of that right now. Also she and I are SMS-ing back and forth like our father’s still pay our bills. Well, hers might. Mine doesn’t. Yeesh, what a chump I am.

But sort of a giddy chump, really. Trying to find subtle ways to get her to stop working and come over to my place.

Life’s not such a bad thing.

(Stay tuned for the inevitable slump.)

4 thoughts on “She is So Lovely

  1. Aha, things are getting interesting :)

    btw, what is your age anyway? that is, if this question isn’t covered under the top secret things that you cannot reveal under any circumstances except for when someone tortures you by tickling your feet with a giant feather.

    Ignore my ramblings, i have been accused of rambling on and on and hijacking the comments sections of other’s blogs :)

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