Female Desire Week

Update: Apparently I did a bad thing and the people I was ‘borrowing’ the Alyson Hannigan and Eliza Dushku pictures from didn’t like it so much. *sigh* Oh well. I will go and look elsewhere for other pictures. Meanwhile…

I think I’m late to the Female Desire Week party, but I don’t care. I’m jumping into the fray, or mosh pit, or whatever, and extending it on my own initiative. It’s a most excellent idea, I think.

First of all, may I pay due homage to the bitchin example of celebrating that belledame is doing. So many hot women, so little…. oh, I got lots of time.

And now, following that excellent example, here is the start of the TV Tribute:

Tina Majorino is 22, okay??

And since I ought to work now instead of trawling the internet for hot women, I will do so, and return to this holy work later.


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