“The Problem of Lesbian Sheep”

Oh My Goodness. Courtesy  belledame. Very apt, um, sort of…

When sheep, in the mountains, are wanting to breed,
there’s not very much that the sheep up there need.
For they’ve got quite a system when it’s time to mate:
the rams nose around, and the ewes stand and wait.

Yes, the female sheep don’t have to do anything,
when the rams (in the mountains) go crazy in spring,
but give off special smells from their feminine places
which those sex-hungry rams can detect – with their faces.

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One thought on ““The Problem of Lesbian Sheep”

  1. Hello Summer,

    I recently came across your blog and just finished reading it. Quite unique and interesting and, might I add, rare.

    Ever thought about writing for a magazine or any other publication?

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